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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the costs for the master programme?

A: Please have a look at the attached information.

Q: Should my certificates be certified by the German Embassy?

A: It depends on the country you come from. For detailed information please see the document "standard official authentication" and information can be found under:

Q: Who are the responsibles of CSiS?

A: Prof. Dr. F. Knechtli (coordinator), Ms. S. vom Brocke (secretary)

Q: What do I have to do if I need a visa extension?

A: Have a look at

Appointments at aliens department in Wuppertal

Click on Granting/renewal of a residence permit which leads you to Residence permit FOR studies. Here you can arrange an appointment.

The documents which must be presented on application for an extension are the same as for the residence permit:

  • valid passport or identity card
  • residential registration certificate
  • BUW student ID card
  • health insurance certificate
  • evidence of adequate financial status
  • BUW course credits/performance certificate.

The form for the BUW course credits/performance certificate can be downloaded under

Bescheinigung der Ausbildungsstätte ab 5. Fachsemester.

It will be filled in partly by the International Office (Mrs Pfeifer) and partly by the Examination Office (Mrs Lorbietzki-Orlandi).

Q: If I choose more than 2 lectures for the module Computational Fluid Mechanics 2 (CFM2) which grades will be included in the final grade - the best or the first grades?

A: The best grades will show in the final grade and the remaining one/s will be mentioned as additional achievement.

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