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Welcome to the MSc Programme Computer Simulation in Science !




About CSiS:

When does the master programme start?

CSiS always starts in the winter semester. There is no admission in the summer semester.

Will I learn basic programming skills?

No, CSiS focuses on advanced programming techniques, like parallel computing, and will not cover programming basics. You should have already good experience in programming. It will be assumed that you are already familiar with the C or C++ language.

Will I learn to apply the commercial software XXX or YYY?

In general no. The pure application of existing tools, especially commercial codes for CFD, are not part of CSiS. However, in special cases this might be reasonable. The development of new algorithms and models are the main part of CSiS.

Do I need to develop computer programs in CSiS?

Yes, as model development is the major aim of CSiS, the development of computer models, their implementation and application play a central role. This might include code development from scratch but as well the extension of existing models. Numerical mathematics, programming and computer science are the main skills needed for this.

What are the main skills needed for and taught in CSiS?

  • knowledge of a specialization of your own choice from the list below
  • numerical mathematics: all kinds of numerical methods, mainly for ODEs and PDEs
  • computer programming: parallel programming, modern development patterns, implementation of numerical schemes
  • computer science: parallel algorithms, simulation techniques, software development tools 


The M.Sc. programme Computer Simulation in Science (CSiS) focuses on the development, implementation and application of computer-oriented simulation techniques and methods to modern research problems in natural sciences and engineering. All courses of this M.Sc. programme are taught in English language.

The MSc program lasts for 4 semesters (2 years) and has a total of 120 ECTS credits. Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded the degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.).

Besides compulsory courses in Computer Simulation, Computer Science and Numerical Methods, students will take elective courses in one of the following specializations of their choice:

Preliminary knowledge at Bachelor's level in the chosen specialization as well as knowledge of at least one programming language is required.

Cooperations have been established with FZ Jülich.

Inquiries about application only to csis{at} .

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