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  • Timetable Summer Semester
    Start of lecture period: 12 April, 2021. [mehr]
  • New Job Posting "Software Engineer"
    For more information [mehr]
  • Open Hours for General Advice are paused at the moment.
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Timetable for Summer Semester 2021

CSiS Timetable 2nd Summer

The CSiS study programme will start on 12 April, 2021 in an uni@home format. Information on CSiS lectures and courses is available on StudiLöwe and under the respective Moodle courses. Please go to the Moodle website and register for all courses of your summer term timetable. Once you are registered your professors and tutors will share all relevant course information with you. Page 3 of the timetable provides the relevant moodle links. The list is not completed yet. Please check for updates once in a while.





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