School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Scientific requirements for admission to CSiS

(checked by the Admission Committee of the Master program):

The following knowledge must have been acquired during the
bachelor study (percentages are used if no ECTS credits are provided):

  • knowledge of a programming language corresponding to 8 ECTS credits or 4% and
  • 24 ECTS credits or 13% which can be assigned to one the following

specialization fields:

1. Atmospheric Physics:

Experimental Physics (Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Atoms and Molecules), Thermodynamics, Data Analysis and Statistics

Self-assessment for Atmospheric Physics

2. Computational Electromagnetics:

Electromagnetics / Electromagnetic Theory, Applied Mathematics, Numerical Techniques in Engineering /Computational Engineering

Self-assessment for Computational Electromagnetics

3. Computational Fluid Mechanics:

Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Methods (or similar)

CFM1-Self-assessment for Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFM2-Self-assessment for Pedestrian Dynamcis

4. Experimental Particle Physics:

Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Atomic Physics, Basic Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Basics of Elementary Particle Physics

Self-assessment for Experimental Particle Physics

5. Computational Finance:

Analysis I, II and III, Linear Algebra I and Introduction to Stochastic Calculus, Introduction into Numerical Analysis, Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations, Functional Analysis

Self-assessment for Computational Finance

6. Materials Science:

Physical Chemistry (including Introductory Thermodynamics), Modern General Physics.

Self-assessment for Material Science

7. Theoretical Chemistry:

Elementary Quantum Mechanics, Basic Electronic Structure Theory, Thermodynamics, Introductory Reaction Kinetics, Physics for Chemistry Students

Self-assessment for  Theoretical Chemistry

8. Theoretical Particle Physics:

Quantum Mechanics, Elementary Particle Physics, Theoretical Physics (Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics).

Self-assessment exercises for Theoretical Particle Physics

9. Imaging in Medicine

Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics, Basic Quantum Mechanics

Self-assessment for Imaging in Medicine

If the bachelor knowledge is not sufficient for the choice of a specialization field, admission can be granted conditional on the fulfillment of further requirements. Mathematical knowledge corresponding to a Bachelor of Science or Engineering is assumed.

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