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Scientific Requirements

Scientific requirements for admission to CSiS (Checked by the Admission Committee of the Master program):


The following knowledge must have been acquired during the
bachelor study (percentages are used if no ECTS credits are provided):

knowledge of a programming language corresponding to 8 ECTS credits or 4%
and 24 ECTS credits or 13% which can be assigned to one the following
specialization fields:

1. Atmospheric Physics:

Experimental Physics (Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Atoms and Molecules), Thermodynamics, Data Analysis and Statistics

2. Computational Electromagnetics:

Electromagnetics / Electromagnetic Theory, Applied Mathematics, Numerical Techniques in Engineering /Computational Engineering

3. Computational Fluid Mechanics:

Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Methods (or similar)

4. Experimental Particle Physics:

Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Atomic Physics, Basic Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Basics of Elementary Particle Physics

5. Computational Finance:

Analysis I, II and III, Linear Algebra I and Introduction to Stochastic Calculus, Introduction into Numerical Analysis, Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations, Functional Analysis

6. Materials Science:

Physical Chemistry (including Introductory Thermodynamics), Modern General Physics

7. Theoretical Chemistry:

Elementary Quantum Mechanics, Basic Electronic Structure Theory, Thermodynamics, Introductory Reaction Kinetics, Physics for Chemistry Students

8. Theoretical Particle Physics:

Quantum Mechanics, Elementary Particle Physics, Theoretical Physics (Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics)

9. Imaging in Medicine

Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics, Basic Quantum Mechanics

If the bachelor knowledge is not sufficient for the choice of a specialization field, admission can be granted conditional on the fulfillment of further requirements. Mathematical knowledge corresponding to a Bachelor of Science or Engineering is assumed.

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