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Computer Simulation 1

Lab Course 1/Introduction to Computer Simulation  1101_CSim1

Computer Simulation 1b

Introduction to Computer Simulation - unbenotete Studienleistung  1102_CSim1b_uSL

Computer Simulation 2a

Parallel Algorithms 1201_CSim2a

Computer Simulation 2b

Data Analysis 1202_CSim2b

Computer Simulation 3

Introduction to Computer Simulation II/Lab Course II 1301_CSim3

Lab Course II - unbenotete Studienleistung 1302_Cim3b

Computer Science 1

Modern Programming/Visualization  1401_CS1

Visualization - unbenotete Studienleistung  1402_CS1b

Computer Science 2

Tools/Image Processing and Data Visualization 1501_CS2

Numerical Methods 1

Numerical Analysis and Simulation I: ODEs 1601_NM1

Numerical Analysis and Simulation I - Exercises - unbenotete Studienleistung 1602_NM1

Numerical Methods 2a

Numerical Methods and Simulation II 1701_NM2a

Numerical Methods and Simmulation II - unbenotete Studienleistung 1702_NM2a

Numerical Methods 2b

Numerical Methods in Clasical Field Theory and Quantum Mechanics 1801_NM2b

Numerical Methods in Classical Field Theory and Quantum Mechanics - unbenotete Studienleistung 1802_NM2b

Numerical Methods 3

Numerical Linear Algebra 1901_NM3



Atmospheric Physics

Atmospheric Physics 1

Selected Topics in Atmospheric Physics 3102_AtmP1

Summer School on Chemistry and Dynamics of the Atmosphere 3101_AtmP1

Atmospheric Modelling


Atmospheric Physics 2a

Introduction to Atmospheric Physics 3201_AtmP2a 

Introduction to Atmospheric Physics_ungraded 3202_AtmP2a


Atmospheric Physics 2b

Selected Topics in Atmospheric Physics 3301_AtmP2b

Selected Topics in Atmospheric Physics_ungraded 3302_AtmP2b

Seminar on Atmospheric Physics 3303_AtmP2b


Computational Fluid Mechanics

Computational Fluid Mechanics 1

Computational Fluid Dynamcis 3605_CFM1 CFD

Smooth Particle Hydrodynamcis 3603_CFM1 SPH

Multiphase Flows 3604_CFM MPF


Computational Fluid Mechanics 2

Pedestrian Dynamics 3703_CFM2 PD

Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics 3603_CFM1 SPH

Ground Water Flow

Free Surface Water Flow 3705_CFM2 FSWF

Fire Simulation 3706_CFM2 FS





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