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Imaging in Medicine

The first part the lectures will cover the basics of imaging in Medicine and Biology,
particularly Tomographic Imaging. There will be a focus on imaging with Ionising Radiation X-ray, CT, SPECT, PET. The related physics basics will be introduced and their relevance for imaging will be discussed. Computer-based simulation will be introduced to compare different physical phenomena.

The lectures will present the concept and physical background of various devices applied during imaging starting from the data acquisition till the reconstruction of tomographic images. The complete processing pipeline will be presented and explained in detail.

Good knowledge in Atomic and Nuclear Physics are beneficial.


In the sceond part of this course the basics of image processing in general and image analysis of medical images in particular will be presented in all details.

The application of image analysis in medicine and biology, starting from the basic description and basic operations on images extending to image registration and image fusion will be demonstrated.

Basic experience in using computer-based analysis programs like ROOT, Matlab, Fiji may be advantageous.



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