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Exam Registration Winter Term 2021/22

The online enrolment for the restricted repeatable exams CSim1 and CSim3 has been released by the examination office. Only for these two exams you need to register with the examination office. The process is as following:

→ Students of the class 2019 and before need to register on WUSEL.

→ Students of the class 2020 and after need to register via STUDILÖWE.

A registration is only possible if all prerequisites: block course exam, ungraded courseworks from “Introduction to Computer Simulation I and LabCourse I” and respectively for CSim3: ungraded coursework from “LabCourse II” have been successfully passed.

Please note the deadline for registration:

1. Module: "Introduction to Computer Simulation I / LabCourse I" (CSim1)

  • CSim1: exam on 24.02.2022 - registration deadline new: 07.02.2022
  • RESIT CSim1: exam on 28.03.2022 - registration deadline: 06.03.2022

2. Module "Introduction to Computer Simulation II / LabCourse II" (CSim3)

  • CSim3: exam on 03.03.2022 - registration deadline: 10.02.2022
  • RESIT CSim3: exam on 30.03.2022 - registration deadline: 08.03.2022

Due to the extended Corona Epidemic Higher Education Ordinanc all examination attempts for courses of the winter semester 2021/22 are free attempts without exception. (§7 Para. 4 Sentence 1). For more information please check the Newsletter on Study and Teaching Issue 20/2021: https://www.qsl.uni-wuppertal.de/de/aktuelles/newsletter-des-prorektors.html .

Unrestricted repeatable exams are organized by the lecturer directly. There is no registration with the examination office. Please check on Moodle under the corresponding course regarding exam dates and if a registration via Moodle is necessary or contact the respective lecturer.

Detailed information on restricted and unrestricted repeatable exams of the CSiS programme can be found in the CSiS module reference book. This information is available in English and German language.

It is not possible to repeat an exam for a better grade.

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