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CSiS Timetable Winter Semester 2023/24

1st semester timetable

CSiS beginners will start the study programme in presence format on 02 October, 2023 with the Block Course on Mathematical Foundations. The regular timetable will start on 16 October, 2023.

3rd semester timetable

The CSiS 3rd semester study programme will start on 09 October, 2023.

To all CSiS students:
information on lectures and courses is available on StudiLöwe and under the respective Moodle courses. Please go to the Moodle website and register for all courses of your winter term timetable. To sign up for courses on Moodle, you have to be enrolled with the Bergische University and use your ZIM account or use your temporary ZIM account. Once you are registered, your professors and tutors will share all relevant course information with you.

Timetables are still preliminary and might change. Visit our website for updates regularly!

Lecture hall map

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