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Dates and Deadlines for Registration of
Restricted-Repeatedly Exams

  • RESIT CSim1 e-exam date: 21.03.2024 - registration deadline: 10.03.2024, 11:59:59 pm

  • RESIT CSim3 e-exam date: 04.04.2024 - registration deadline: 20.03.2024, 11:59:59 pm

How to register for CSIM1 and CSim3 exam:

Registration is only possible if all prerequisites have been successfully passed.

First year students from winter semester 2023/24 have to register in paper-format.
Under "Forms for students" you find the template "Registration Exams CSim1 and CSim3". Send the signed document to vombrocke@uni-wuppertal.de or
come to the CSiS office in the mornings to submit the document.

All  students from year 2022/23 and before register for the restricted-repeatable exams on StudiLöwe.


CSim1 prerequisites:   

  • block course exam successfully passed
  • ungraded coursework from “Introduction to Computer Simulation I at least 50% of exercise points
  • ungraded coursework from LabCourse I” at least 10 solutions

CSim3 prerequisites: 

  • CSim1 and CS1 exam successfully passed and
  • “Introduction to Computer Simulation III/LabCourse III” exercises at least 50% of exercise and 50% of project points are required

It is not possible to repeat the exam for a better grade.

De-registration is possible up to 7 days in advance of the exam date. §8 CSiS exam regulations: “... candidates can, without giving a reason, withdraw their registration for module examinations up to one week before the examination date.”

Information on exam regulations and exam prerequisites are available in the CSiS module reference book and exam regulations PO2020 on our website.


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