School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Computational Fluid Mechanics

Module CFM1 is obligatory and has to be completed with 8 credit points.

Additional  8 credits points have to be gained by completing two modules from the elective modules CFM2, CFM3, CFM4 and CFM5.

More information about the modules can be found in the module reference book.

2nd Semester

Module CFM1

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (obligatory, 4 credit points).

Module CFM5

  • Fire Simulation (elective, 4 credit points).


3rd Semester

Module CFM1

  • Radiative Heat Transfer (obligatory, 4 credit points).

Module CFM2

  • Pedestrian Dynamics (elective, 4 credit points)


Module CFM3

  • Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (elective, 4 credit points)


Module CFM4

  • Free Surface Water Flow (elective, 4 credit points)

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